Innovation is the new normal

Chris Lovejoy

To attempt innovation is no longer innovative. Everybody has an innovative idea. Innovators are praised by our culture so many desire to be innovators or ‘game-changers’.

Yet attempting innovation in the conventional sense is not innovative if everyone is doing it. By definition, to be innovative you must be doing something that other people aren’t.

Every innovator in the past did something completely different to the rest of society. No-one was trying to get to Mars before Elon Musk. No-one thought about evolution before Charles Darwin. No-one thought seriously about online money before PayPal or before cryptocurrencies.

Every innovator presented ideas which people eventually came round to.

It’s easy to meet up in a boardroom and brainstorm new solutions to existing problems. It’s easy to create a start-up based on an idea you’ve had. The results are not necessarily innovative. They can be though, if it changes the way things are done.

Rather than aiming to be innovative, we should strive to be innovative squared or innovative cubed.