Hi! I'm Chris Lovejoy.

I'm a Medical Doctor (Senior House Officer), former-Clinical Data Science and Technology Lead at Cera Care and Machine Learning Master's student at University College London. I'm also involved in research applying machine learning to healthcare and spend time teaching others about machine learning in healthcare.


I studied Medicine at Cambridge University from 2011 to 2017, and have worked as a doctor at several hospitals around London since then.

  • Blog: During that time, I kept some records of my experience and reflections on learning medicine, which are shared as blog posts here
  • Book: I have also collated these into a short book, which you can read here or buy on Amazon here.

Machine Learning

  • Blog: I've written posts here that I think will be helpful for people trying to understand machine learning in medicine, such as paper summaries, resource recommendations and 'commonly asked questions'
  • Courses: I've run courses about machine learning in healthcare since early 2019. They were initially conceived as an introduction to machine learning for people from medical backgrounds, but have ended up being popular with people form other backgrounds too. I'm Co-Lead of UCL's "Machine Learning in Healthcare" short course (although it was cancelled this year for COVID-19).
  • Academic: For those interested in my academic work, my publications are available here.


As well as medicine and machine learning, I write articles on anything else that interests me, including as productivity, book reviews, perspectives and reflections and this guest post on learning how to rap. I also make videos on Youtube.

For those interested in the 'archives', I shared some of my older articles on Medium.

If you're ever in London and want to meet up, drop me an email at hi@chrislovejoy.me