Hi! I'm Chris Lovejoy.

I'm a Data Scientist and Medical Doctor based in London. I was previously Clinical Data Science and Technology Lead at Cera Care and a Machine Learning Master's student at University College London.


I studied Medicine at Cambridge University from 2011 to 2017, and have worked as a doctor at several hospitals around London since then.

  • Book: I wrote a short book sharing experiences, reflections and advice for learning medicine. You can read it here or buy it on Amazon.
  • Blog: Here I share reflections on learning medicine, articles I have published and thoughts on the future of healthcare.

Machine Learning

After qualifying as a doctor, I studied machine learning - initially self-taught then a Master's Degree - and now work full-time as a data scientist.

  • Blog: Here are posts for people interested in machine learning applied to medicine, including research paper summaries, resource recommendations, a careers guide and answer to questions I often get asked.
  • Courses: I run in-person machine learning for healthcare courses in London, both independently and for UCL. I've recorded these as a video series available here.
  • Academic: For those interested in my academic work, my publications are available here.


If you're ever in London and want to meet up, drop me an email at hi@chrislovejoy.me