When I initially became aware of machine learning, as something that may have profound impacts on medicine, and society more broadly, I wanted to learn more - but didn't really know where to start.

The resources that I could find were designed for mathematicians and computer scientists and became very technical very quickly. With time and perseverance, I was able to obtain a reasonable grasp of the concepts, and how they apply to healthcare, but it wasn't easy.

Since then, a number of medical professionals have reached out to me for suggestions on where to start, and I found it unsatisfying not to have a good starting resource to recommend.

That was the initial motivation for me to start running courses and creating resources intended to 'bridge the gap' by providing a less-technical and more healthcare-tailored introduction to machine learning.

However, these also proved popular with people from non-medical backgrounds, such as data scientists and consultants, so I have since run a number of evening, one-day and two-day courses since July 2019, which are open to people from any background.