Thankfully, in our internet era, a huge amount of valuable educational content is freely available. Many top researchers actively disseminate their insights through blogs, mailing lists and tweets, while many of the up-and-coming will also create insight and high-quality content.

Below are some of the people and publications that we follow to help us understand and keep up-to-date with medical AI ongoings.

Andrew Ng

Andrew Ng is a Professor at Stanford University, headed the AI group at Baidu and co-founded Google Brain. He is also well-known for his highly popular online courses on Machine Learning and Deep Learning .  He has been involved in a number of medical AI projects, including AI-interpretation of chest X-rays, a CBT chatbot for depression and predicting mortality in palliative patients.

We would highly recommend his Coursera courses (linked above), his keynote speeches on Youtube, and following him on Twitter (if so inclined).

The man, the myth, the legend... Professor Andrew Ng

Eric Topol

Eric Topol is a cardiologist and academic researcher based at the Scripps Research Institute, with a particularly interest in digital health. He has written a fantastic review of AI in medicine as well as a book called ‘Deep Medicine’.

We highly recommend reading the review and, if you like it, checking out more of his academic work. The book is also a great read for people who want a fuller picture.

Eric Topol

Towards Data Science (Medium publication)

Towards Data Science is a fantastic Medium-based publication, with a massive number of high-quality articles across a number of sub-disciplines. It is an open-source publication, so anyone can contribute if the article is of a sufficient standard (think Wikipedia but for blog posts). Although the scope is extremely wide, you can use keyword searches, such as this, to find relevant healthcare AI posts.

We would highly recommend subscribing and browsing through the healthcare posts. There are a number of influential posts in the area shared through this publication.

AI Med magazine

This is a monthly magazine distributed freely (and supported through donations), which can be received electronically or in print, and contains a large number of interesting and relevant articles about AI and its use in medicine. The same organisation also organise conferences and other events.

We would recommend subscribing to the magazine (electronically or in print, or both, based on preference).

Luke Oakden-Rayner

Luke Oakden-Rayner is a PhD student and radiologist, who maintains a blog where he shares insights and thoughts about ongoing medical AI research, including reviews of recent papers. We would recommend checking it out!

Bertalan Mesko

Bertalan Mesko has branded himself as “The Medical Futurist” and has produced a large number of blog posts, eBooks and YouTube videos on technology in healthcare generally, with many the focus on artificial intelligence. We would recommend a foray through his content.

Any resources that we’ve missed out? Please drop a comment below!